Grand Manan Island – Days Three and Four


It rained yesterday. All day long. Fortunately, we have the use of a spacious, well-furnished community hall as a studio. Sometimes, the hall is used for Provincial Court and, on Saturdays, it’s home to a good number of vendors at the Farmer’s Market. We’d rather have been outdoors but we got in a good day of work.

Some of you have become familiar with the simplification exercise that I often present during my workshops. As a matter of fact, some of you have promised to try it on your own. Everyone gave it a shot yesterday and here are the results:

We had the group over to dinner in the evening at beautiful Seawall Cottage.  Aleda prepared Chicken Marengo, a dish that was first prepared for Napoleon after he almost lost a battle. It was delicious and I’m quite sure that Aleda wasn’t commenting on our struggles with watercolour.

It was foggy this morning but dry. Our destination was Dark Harbour but we started with a demonstration at our cottage. This demo dealt with several elements of the Grand Manan visual experience such as the little boats known as dories.

Dark Harbour is on the west side of the island. It was almost high tide and still foggy when we arrived. The fog tends to roll in, lift for a while, and then thicken up again. But, it didn’t rain and it got sunnier as the day went on.

As the tide receded and the sun peeked though the fog, the pickup trucks began to descend upon our peaceful painting spot. The dories here are used for dulsing, gathering the edible seaweed for which Grand Manan is well known. Dulse is collected from rocks that are exposed at low tide and it’s brought back to be dried in the sun.

Critique was back at Seawall Cottage. Dories were definitely the subject of the day.

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2 Responses to “Grand Manan Island – Days Three and Four”

  1. Carol King Says:

    I love your simplification exercise and I SWEAR I am going to try it. Your workshops are always so informative.

  2. Lois Says:

    Barry , Love your exercises!! Have a Question tho, if you care to
    answer, can you use any color or how do choose colors to paint
    in the exesrcises.
    also, your Pen and Ink, What Pen’s do you use?
    Thanks, and as always, wish I lived close so to take you classes.

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