Charlevoix, Quebec – Final Two Days

Thursday Critique

I’ll mark Thursday morning in my calendar for one reason. I didn’t do a demonstration for the group. This a fairly rare event for my workshops but I’d spent quite a bit of time on my Wednesday demonstration and covered a lot of elements. Also, although we only had a fifteen minute drive to Saint-Irenee, time is precious and I wanted our artists to have as much of it as possible.

It was another good day of painting and, as you can see from the work above, several of the group chose the tidal flats as their subject. After critique on Thursday night, we made the quick drive down the hill to Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive and dined at the lovely Auberge de la Rive.

What do you present in a demonstration on the final day of a workshop? I thought about it long and hard and decided on an outdoor ‘shape-read’ watercolour sketch. Straight to the brush with no preliminary pencil drawing. Why did I choose this approach? I was concerned that our artists weren’t spending enough time on ‘warming up’ with sketches and studies at the start of each day.

I used my timer for the demo and limited it to twenty minutes. Then, we headed off on the beautiful Charlevoix backroads and found some charming spots.

Many of our painters used the ‘shape-read’ approach. Can you tell which ones from a look at our Friday critique?

Friday Critique

All good things come to end. Our thanks, once again, to our hosts and the staff at the Auberge de nos Aieux in Les Eboulements. Everyone was cheerful and helpful, as they are year after year. The studio is a wonderful feature. We gathered at the top of the stairs for a group photo.



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One Response to “Charlevoix, Quebec – Final Two Days”

  1. jdcoto Says:

    So many familiar faces, so many familiar places. Sounds like it was a fabulous week.

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