What’s Right with New Brunswick Tourism?

Jetty, Seal Cove
Private Collection

Good news, at last! There were several positive developments last week. My Letter to the Editor was published in the Fredericton Gleaner early in the week. The office of the Hon. Rick Doucet, MLA for Charlotte-The Isles, contacted the Deputy Minister on my behalf. I’m very grateful for the support.

Best of all, last Friday, I had an email from the Hon. Trevor Holder, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living. It included a sincere and much appreciated apology from the Minister. Thank you. Even better, Mr. Holder included some very constructive suggestions and has offered me the opportunity to speak with his group tourism team. Already, I have some messages in my voicemail from late last week when I was away teaching at Blue Mountain.

I hope this will be the final post concerning my problem with New Brunswick Tourism. I look forward to speaking with the group tourism team. I have a few ideas of my own about the potential of art workshops on Grand Manan Island.

Most of all, I can’t wait to be back on the Island this summer for some watercolour painting, good company and, of course, lobster dipped in melted butter.  Would you like to join me?


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2 Responses to “What’s Right with New Brunswick Tourism?”

  1. Joanne R Says:

    Good work Barry! Your persistence finally got through. I hope some folks at New Brunswick tourism felt a little shamefaced about the struggle you have had. Temagami is beautiful, and has got me back in the painting groove after a long lapse, externally imposed! Hope you and Aleda have a great summer, Cheers Joanne

  2. bar Says:

    Hi Barry, good work! Have a wonderful time in Grand Manan. See you on the Bight.

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