Blue Mountain – Day Three

We started today with a watercolour demonstration in the studio. I like to do a multi-faceted demo like this for most of my workshops. Let me explain a bit about the process in each of these studies.

A) This started with a graded wash over the whole area. You can see the first wash showing through most of the window area. When dry, I painted a darker wash to isolate the window. The next wash, darker still, popped out the window frame and the bottle and jars on the shelf. A negative space approach was used. The darker strokes of all were applied at the very end.

B) This study was created with a graded preliminary wash, as well. The background, mid-ground and foreground shapes were painted over the wash after it dried. I went a bit crazy with the colour on this one. Too much coffee. See below for a more subdued and foggy version.

C) Another runny wash. I covered the area with water and touched the colour in while it was still wet. The stones were painted after it dried. Many barns around here have stone and mortar foundations. I always like to find as much colour in the stones as I can.

D) A study of simplified rocks. Wet over dry and some of the different colours were allowed to run into each other.

E) This can work for things like pebbly beaches and rocky pathways. The highlights are paper-white. Several runny washes were used and I avoided the paper-white bits by painting around them. I used red and blue because I was talking about cool and warm colours.

F) A quick review of ‘soft-edge’ techniques.

After the demonstration, we headed to Ceilidh Farm. What a painting spot! Jim was very hospitable and the group could choose from a wide range of subject matter. A special treat for me, an avid birder, was the real-life soundtrack of singing Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlarks and Savannah Sparrows.  The spacious barn offered shelter to many of us when we had a bit of midday rain.

After lunch, I gave a demonstration on checking angles (perspective!) using a measuring stick.

The skies cleared and we got back to work. We re-convened in the barn at the end of the day for our critique.

Wednesday Critique


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