What’s Wrong with New Brunswick Tourism? – Part Two

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I have a brief  update to my rant about New Brunswick Tourism. Today, I received an email message from Mr. Rick Doucet, MLA for Charlotte-The Isles. Mr. Doucet informed me that he had not received my original email of two weeks ago. I have no reason to disbelieve him. He expressed his disappointment that I didn’t follow up with a phone call to his office before I published my rant. In addition, he wondered why I didn’t contact him at the beginning of this whole process. I explained that I felt I had gone through proper channels in February by contacting Tourism directly. It was only after the lengthy delay with Tourism that I tried to bring the matter to the attention of Mr. Doucet because I believed that it affected his constituents on Grand Manan Island. Anyway, I’m glad he got in touch.

Neither the Minister or Deputy Minister have responded yet and I’ll take this opportunity to clarify my goals.

I wasn’t expecting a free listing on the New Brunswick Tourism website. I inquired about the process for listing with them. I may have considered a paid listing but it took four months to receive the relevant information. I would like the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living, the Honourable Trevor Holder, to  explain why I waited such a long time to learn of their policy. Thanks for bearing with me.


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4 Responses to “What’s Wrong with New Brunswick Tourism? – Part Two”

  1. Chiquita Phillips Says:

    Good luck dealing with the bureaucracy, Barry, especially of the political kind. Thanks for your ongoing info, Chiquita

  2. Carol King Says:

    May I suggest that you write a good old fashioned letter on paper. I have gotten the best results with letters that I posted rather than emails. Four months is a joke.

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