Drawing Boot Camp – Proportion and Perspective – Day One

This spring, I’ve offered two Drawing Boot Camps. They take place on consecutive Wednesdays and each Boot Camp is a two- day class. Our first Boot Camp, dedicated to Proportion and Perspective, started last Wednesday, April 4. It continues next week on the 11th.

We worked very hard all day long on a series of short drawing exercises. Everyone received a new sketchbook and three Prismacolor pencils; a yellow, a red and a blue. Yellow is for planning. Red is for wire frame. Blue is for refining. Each exercise had specific guidelines and goals. Erasers were strictly forbidden.

Overall, we want to draw with more confidence and understanding. We discussed concepts such as basic ellipse theory and learned how to use a measuring stick. We looked at master drawings. We drew a lot and everyone was pooped at the end of the day. Here are a few of my demonstrations from Wednesday.


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3 Responses to “Drawing Boot Camp – Proportion and Perspective – Day One”

  1. Leslie Cadeau Says:

    I would love this but unfortunately it is the wrong day. How’s the new house?


  2. Sandra Florence Says:

    Oh Barry – there are times when I would love to be back in Toronto to attend your classes!

    Happy Easter! Sandra

  3. Lois Says:

    wish I lived by you, so I could take your classses.
    Thanks for what you do Share, tho.

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