Watercolour Demo at Heliconian Club


I visited the Toronto Heliconian Club this morning and gave the members a two-hour presentation that included two watercolour demonstrations and a discussion of my approach to teaching. The Club is in the Yorkville district of Toronto. Yorkville was the city’s main gallery district when I was a student in the seventies. Many a Saturday was spent on a gallery crawl and I always remember walking past the elegant building at Hazelton and Scollard and wondering what went on inside.

I’ve known Elizabeth Russ for a long time and she was kind enough to recommend me to Moira Mudie, who is the Chair of the Art Section. That’s Elizabeth on the left in the photo above and Moira on the right. Click on their names and you’ll see what talented artists they are.


I started off with a small demonstration of pears. I painted it as a monochromatic value study with cool grey washes and stressed simplicity. It was just one middle value of cool grey and paper white. At the end of my presentation I returned to the pears and glazed colour over the local areas.

My main demonstration was based on a scene from the Charlevoix region of Quebec, an area I visit to lead a painting holiday every summer. This watercolour was done on a half sheet of Curry’s 200 lb., cold press paper. I worked at an upright easel so great care was taken to avoid having the painting run off the sheet and onto my feet. I used a 1″ flat angled brush. I’d laid in the pencil drawing ahead of time.

I’d like to thank the Club for asking me to visit them today. I appreciated the good questions from the audience and the positive response I received to my work.


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One Response to “Watercolour Demo at Heliconian Club”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Congratulations! I want to come back and take more time looking at enlarged versions of the two paintings. I always learn from your work.

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