Sustained Saturday – Watercolour & Pen and Ink

Yesterday was our final Sustained Saturday of the winter term at my studio. I set up a variation of our still-life from the Tuesday classes. I think I talked more than painted during my demonstration. Our next Saturday is a month or so away and I wanted to wrap up the term with some of my usual thoughts about drawing, light and shadow and simplification of form. We also discussed the folds in the white fabric.

Before everyone got to work I reminded them, one more time, to be thoughtful about their compositions. I’ve been stressing the importance of the thumbnail sketch with all of my classes this term.

Most of our group are watercolourists but you’ll notice two pen and ink drawings on our critique wall. Another student created a watercolour with pen but she had to leave a bit early so it’s not shown here. I may be biased but I think they did some terrific work.

I’m looking forward to the next Sustained Saturday already. My Spring Calendar will be posted here and on my website very soon.

Sustained Saturday Critique


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One Response to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour & Pen and Ink”

  1. Scott Cooper Says:

    Another fine group of paintings; you must be very pleased with these students’ progress. I’m particularly taken by the far right painting in the middle row, with what I consider to have a very “painterly” look, with lost and found edges, great colour and marvellous atmosphere. Well done, group!

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