First Sustained Saturday of 2012

A Sustained Saturday at my studio is a full day class. Most of the participants are watercolour painters but you’ll also see a lovely pen and ink drawing when you scroll down to the photo of our critique wall. Many of the Saturday group are regulars and it was nice to see everyone for our first session of the new year.

I reminded everyone of how I like to draw symmetrical objects, beginning with two-dimensional geometric shapes. I then ’round them off’, giving them a full and more three-dimensional look. See the small bowl at the bottom of the second image.


The watercolour element of my demonstration focused on the colour changes in the objects. I haven’t shown any steps here but the classes this Tuesday will work from the same still-life and I’ll show a few steps in that post.

Everyone agrees about one thing when it comes to a Sustained Saturday. They love having the whole day to work without feeling rushed. Of course, when I announce the last thirty minutes before critique, the groans sound identical to those of a three-hour Tuesday class.

Sustained Saturday Critique




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One Response to “First Sustained Saturday of 2012”

  1. Ian Mackay Says:

    Very nice work Barry and studio participants. Such great results in one day. Informative demo too.

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