Clarkson Society of Artists – ‘Cubist’ Watercolour

I visited the Clarkson Society of Artists yesterday. That’s me above with the Society’s President Eydie Koopman in the middle and Program Coordinator Lyla Stockdale. Our theme for the day was a Tuscan Village, ‘Cubist Style’ and I had prepared an image based on the famous hilltop town of San Gimignano.

Each participant was given a photocopy of my template as a starting point. They were encouraged to crop it or make other personal changes. I don’t like formulas but sometimes a common starting point saves time with an exercise like this and, as you’ll see, there is still plenty of room for interpretation.


I wasn’t able to finish my demonstration but I’ll post it as soon as I get a chance to complete it. A key aspect of the exercise is to create a ‘soft-edge’ transition within each shape. Except for shapes that are painted with a solid black. I usually add the blacks at the end of the painting but I did a few areas to show the group how I handle the Lamp Black.

A day of successful ‘Cubist’ painting is greatly enhanced by a good-natured attitude, creative courage and a sense of humour. All of these characteristics were in abundance with the enthusiastic and talented Clarkson group and we had a lot of fun. Few were able to finish their watercolours and not all submitted a piece to the critique but it was still a great way to wrap up an enjoyable project.


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