Sustained Saturday – Watercolour and Pen

We had a lot of fun at my studio yesterday. The occasion was the first Sustained Saturday class of Fall term. I set up a variation of the still-life from last Tuesday’s classes. In addition to that, I repeated my demonstration of ‘shape-reading’ and suggested that everyone try it before lunch before settling into a sustained work for the afternoon.

That accounts for the watercolour painters but we had some pen and ink lovers in the group. Two of our artists completed works in pen with watercolour and one exclusively in pen. During the afternoon, I decided to show them some pen and watercolour from an artist whose work I enjoy. I opened up my computer instead of an art book and we went to England to visit Keith Palmer at North Pennine Gallery. They were impressed with Keith’s drawings, the pigs were a big hit, and several of the watercolour painters came for a look, as well.

Back in Canada, our day continued until four o’clock when we tidied up and prepared for our critique. Can you spot the work with pen? One is more obvious than the others.

Sustained Saturday Critique


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One Response to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour and Pen”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Hey Barry, your demo is so crisp and clean – and your class does some amazing work – inspiring stuff.

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