Whew! I’ve finally got time to catch up on posts. We’ve been busy artists for the past several days. Last Thursday, we went to the hilltop town of Locorotondo. Locorotondo has been designated one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. It was easy to see why it earned that distinction.


Everyone was friendly and helpful. The gentleman at the tourist info office couldn’t have given us a warmer welcome. Another fellow supervised the public washroom and all visitors received postcards of the town. He also audited my demonstration, adding a bit of fun and local colour.

A pretty park, with views of the surrounding countryside, attracted several of our artists while others found good spots in the narrow streets.

Lunchtime took us to the local Cantina Coop for wine-tasting and ‘light snacks’ that proved to be a substantial meal. It was followed by an interesting tour. A local grape farmer turned up to deliver his produce while we watched. The tour guide took us inside and we all drooled over the sheer volume of good wine. The Puglia wines are not only tasty but they’re extremely inexpensive, as well.


We were remarkably productive that afternoon considering we’d been enjoying wine at lunch. Our critique took place in the park, using bags and stools as a gallery wall.

Friday was a travel day although our drive to Barletta, our home for Week Two, was only ninety minutes. It allowed us to spend most of our day saying goodbye to Alberobello; sketching, shopping and taking it easy.

Saturday was a free day to explore the seaside town of Barletta and settle into our hotel, Nicotel Barletta. This is a hard-working bunch and many used their free time to sketch.

This morning, I did a demonstration at my easel in the park. I had completed the pencil drawing the day before in order to save time. I’d also carefully studied the position of the sun and expected a dramatic pattern of light of shadow as I painted. I blew it. The sun had swung around more than I’d anticipated so I painted it the way I wanted and not the way I saw it. I used an angled flat brush for the demo.

We don’t have any beginners in our group but some of the participants are less experienced with watercolour than others. After my easel demo, I gathered them for a review of basic techniques and a Question and Answer session.

Critique was held on an upper terrace of the hotel. It was a bit windy but very pleasant and the work really shone. Tomorrow, we’re off to nearby Trani. More soon.



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3 Responses to “Locorotondo-Alberobello-Barletta”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Beautiful photography! Incredible paintings! Lucky instructor and students!

  2. northpenninegallery Says:

    Love your painting Barry

  3. Carol King Says:

    Italy, as always, is beautiful. Love your painting as well as your students’. Thanks for sharing your trip and your photos.

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