Bayview Watercolour Society Demo

Tony Cook, Me, Julie Junger, Lizbeth Rodger

Last night, I gave a demonstration to the Bayview Watercolour Society. Lizbeth Rodger is the current President, Julie Junger is the Workshop Co-ordinator and Tony Cook, who I’ve known for several years, gave me a lift to the venue.

I prepared a half-sheet of Curry’s 200 lb. cold press paper ahead of time with a preliminary wash and the drawing. My theme was a Newfoundland fishing village and I approached it from a ‘cubist’ point of view. Actually, multiple points of view are a key element of the cubist philosophy and I enjoyed fragmenting and re-arranging my village. My reference material was from my summer sketchbook and my memory.

I didn’t expect to finish the piece over the course of the evening but, as soon as I get back from Italy, I will. I concentrated on the boat. It took a while for it to become visible to the audience.

While painting, I talked about my interest in Cubism and about brush-handling, colour and the techniques I employ.

When I got home last night, I stared at the watercolour for an hour, glass of red wine in hand, and I’m already itching to work on it. Once completed, I’ll post the final result.

The demonstration was well-attended and I appreciated the good questions and enthusiasm of the group. The BWS uses a camera and screen, rather than an overhead mirror, and the cameraman handled this tricky job very well. Thanks, everyone.


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2 Responses to “Bayview Watercolour Society Demo”

  1. Ulla Djelweh Says:

    Hi Barry,
    I would be itching to finish the painting as well as the glass of vino too. It is refreshing to see your new approach to water colour painting. I like it a lot – I am a bit tired of the traditional approach, it can get boring.
    I look forward to seeing the finished painting.
    Have a great time in Italy and a safe trip.
    PS. If you are wondering………..I got your e-mail through Uta.

  2. Dottie Best Says:

    Not to critique the master, but… fresh colors, exciting composition, and can’t wait to see the final result! Love the “cut-out” feel.

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