Grand Manan Island-Days Three and Four

We spent yesterday painting in the boat harbour at Ingall’s Head. Weatherwise, we had a bit of everything but mostly fog. I enjoy painting fog and gave a few ideas to the group to start things off. Everyone settled in and it was a productive day.

The locals were working a bit harder than we were. Rockweed has become an industry on the island and boats were being unloaded all day long. Fifty to eighty tons are harvested in an average day.

Jake seems to be impervious to the cool weather.

All of our painters are using watercolour and/or pen and ink except Bill. He brought his acrylics and several 18 x 24″ panels.

I think this is the first time in over twenty years of teaching plein air workshops that the group has had more men than women. John, an optimist, is wearing his sunhat.

We attended a wonderful soiree in the evening hosted by the board of the Grand Manan Art Gallery. I’ll post more about it in a few days.

Maritime weather! We went back to Ingall’s Head today but to a different area and it was sunny and hot. We were close to the Ingall’s Head Cottages ( or 506-662-8844) and Wendy, the proprietor, kindly offered us the use of a washroom.

I did a fairly fast-paced watercolour demonstration using an angled flat brush. Fast-paced but it still took almost an hour even though I set up the preliminary drawing ahead of time. It’ll be my longest demo of the week. I worked at a fairly steep angle, which is tricky, and I put a lot of elements into the painting; all things that I wanted to discuss with the group.

You can see what I mean by a lot of elements. Maybe, too many? The fishing boats in the top right are at the boat maintenance yard locally known as the ‘haulup’. Are those bales of hay in the field? No. They’re actually buoys but it brings up an interesting point. Should I include or omit something that may be incomprehensible to a viewer who doesn’t know the locale?

Lots of interesting subject matter was available at our site today, from fishing boats to crab pots. This Bald Eagle was harrased by Herring Gulls and didn’t hold the pose for very long.



We might as well have been painting at the Equator for all the shade we could find. Still, it was a fine day with lots of good work done.




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