Grand Manan Island, NB – Days One and Two


It’s great to be back on Grand Manan Island! We spent our first two days painting at Seal Cove with it’s historic smokesheds. Smoked herring was a major industry on the island for generations. I started off our first day with a watercolour demonstration using a ‘shape-reading’ approach. This painting was done exclusively with the brush with no prior pencil drawing.


We enjoyed a nice, sunny day but nothing beats a shady spot with a good view. I didn’t think men were necessarily more practical than women but Jake and Paul are out of the sun while Alison is basking in it.


The weather looked a bit threatening this morning and we headed back to Seal Cove and the shelter of the Sardine Museum. I did two demonstrations; both using pen and wash. The sequence of these demos was pencil, wash and pen. The morning demo is an interior of the Sardine Museum using a monochromatic wash. I’ve used the wash to establish a pattern of light and shadow. The pen was done over the dry wash.

After lunch, I presented a different subject with colour. Same process, basically. Most of the group gathered for the demo. I’d already prepared the washes and showed them a few more ideas about penwork.


It was back to work for the rest of the day. The rain never materialized, after all.


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