Charlevoix, Quebec – Days Two and Three

St. Joseph de la Rive is a lovely village on the bank of the St. Lawrence River and the home of Papeterie Saint-Gilles, the well-known paper-making Economuseum and the Maritime Museum of Charlevoix. It was our painting site for Tuesday, Day Two of our Charlevoix week.


I demonstrated in a comfortably shady gazebo. We enjoyed beautiful weather and a great day of outdoor painting. A special treat was an invitation to the home of Jacques Hebert, a prominent Charlevoix watercolourist. Jacques works big and fast. He claims that his smallest brush is a three-incher!

Our favorite place in the village is the Auberge de la Rive, an inn by the water. Every year, we visit their terrace for a lunch of fresh grilled eperlans. Doesn’t that sound nicer than smelts?

This morning, Day Three, we gathered in our studio for a demonstration. Inspired by the watercolours we’d seen chez Hebert, I discussed and presented some of the elements of his work, as best I could. I confined my demo to thirty minutes (Actually, I went about five minutes over the limit). Also, I worked on a smaller sheet and with a smaller brush, an angled flat.

My demo, seen below, was based on a sketch I made at St. Joseph de la Rive. It’s not a finished painting and my composition may leave something to desire but it was fun and seemed to energize the group.

After the demo, we drove to a nearby lookout at St. Hilarion. The view is spectacular. A strong breeze kept the notorious bugs at bay and a lot of good work was done before a menacing thunderstorm propelled us back to the studio. We spent the afternoon painting on the grounds and in the studio, which has a terrific view, as well.


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