Charlevoix, Quebec – Day One

They really know how to make us feel welcome at the Auberge de nos Aieux in Les Eboulements. Follow the sign and you’ll find our lovely studio with it’s spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River.

This is year three for my Charlevoix painting holiday. We arrived yesterday and enjoyed  our Welcome Dinner. This morning, we painted around the cathedral in town. As you can see from my watercolour demonstration, working farms are a part of the municipal fabric, with all of their attendant earthy aromas.

I employed the ‘shape-reading’ approach for the demo. No pencil drawing was done; straight in with the brush.  I left the paper untouched in between most of the shapes. This allowed me to work steadily without waiting for areas of the painting to dry.

It was a hot and sunny day. I’m not complaining. The workshop participants quickly learned that shady spots were prime real estate. Pamela, Barb and Liz are taking a lunch break in the cemetery.

Charlevoix is scenic and charming. Much of it is cultivated. Still, a sight like this is not an uncommon experience. Tomorrow, we’ll be painting down by the river.



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