Outsider Art, Newfoundland

We’re back. I’m going to do a wrap-up post of our final days in Newfoundland in a day or two but first I wanted to share a few examples of what might be considered outsider art. Dick’s Whales is an irresistible painted sign and we pulled right over. We were greeted by a gentleman they call Skipper and Buddy, the hobo dog. None of the locals know where Buddy came from but he’s an amiable sort and everyone looks after him. Painted whales and puffins, cut from wooden boards,  were on offer. We bought two whales.

The seabird depicted is a Common Murre, known in Newfoundland as a Turr. Turrs are a traditional food source and are still hunted for the pot. This painting is on the side of a fishing boat hauled up in Petty Harbour, a pretty spot near the provincial capital of St. John’s.

The other day I received my 300th comment. I’m grateful for all of them. The person who’s commented most frequently on my blog is Linda at LindaHalcombFineArt. Her comments have been insightful, thoughtful and supportive. Click on her link for a look at her artwork. Linda’s recent comment was #299.

Comment #300 came from Keith at NorthPennineGallery. If you enjoy pen and ink, especially with watercolour, his work will inspire you. Are you reading this, Keith?  To celebrate my 300th comment, I’d like to send you  postcards of three of my watercolours. Email me your mailing address at info@barrycoombs.ca, if you’d like to receive them.


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One Response to “Outsider Art, Newfoundland”

  1. Pat MacCulloch Says:

    Glad you’re back safely – I enjoyed your postings, especially the wildlife photos (I have a savannah sparrow story), and the unique landscapes. See you in September. Pat

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