Flora, Fauna and Art in Newfoundland

Moose in the Morning Mist

My hobby is birding and once or twice a week I get up for a walk at about 5 am. I tour the village, check the pond and take the main road for part of the route. I rarely see a car but I always see one or two moose. Sometimes, they’re in a backyard but I usually see them along the side of the road. They probably weigh a half a ton but they run away from me. This young bull was fairly bold. It’s exciting to see them but they are a real hazard on Newfoundland roads at night.

Savannah Sparrow

These little birds inhabit any grassy field along the coast. They sing constantly and can be quite curious. We encountered the Harbour Seal while sketching at Red Cliff. The fishermen are not fond of them as they are very clever and can wreak havoc on a net full of fish.

Harbour Seal

We meet some form of wildlife on almost every hike we take, including the common Red Squirrel and Snowshoe Hare, but we’ve also seen Otters and Red Fox. An Osprey flew by yesterday with a large fish in it’s talons.

Bucket of Caplin

A few days ago, We added whales to our sightings list! Several Minke whales were feeding on Caplin in the bay at English Harbour. The Caplin are starting to ‘roll’ or spawn in the area. They come right up on the beach. Local families were out with nets and buckets as these little guys are quite tasty. We received an enthusiastic demonstration of the spawning technique from a gentleman who held a female fish, dripping orange roe, and two male fish, dripping something else, in his hands. He then showed us how to clean a fish for the pan without use of a knife or scissors. He had our full attention.

Pitcher Plant

The woodland trails are full of wildflowers. The Pitcher Plants and Lady’s Slipper Orchids are particularly beautiful.

View from Fishers' Loft

We visited Fishers’ Loft in Port Rexton for a fabulous dinner the other night. It’s a very grand property with several buildings full of original art and stunning views. Our stay here is winding down and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope without my steady diet of spectacular scenery.

Thanks again for all of the thoughtful comments and especially the encouraging words about my sketches and gouaches. Here’s a new one…

English Harbour

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6 Responses to “Flora, Fauna and Art in Newfoundland”

  1. Robin Campbell Says:

    Love the gouache. Those blues, reds and oranges really pop. Lovely composition.

    Pronounced goo ash, right?

    – Rob

  2. Leslie Cadeau Says:

    how lovely, all the pictures are lovely even your art. fun to hear from you.


  3. Abeer Says:

    although you used bright colours, it still captured the mood and the foggy atmosphere, beautiful!!!

  4. Stephen Says:

    Hey what a great travel-log – and I love the gouache over watercolour and the pen sketches – inspiring as always

  5. Linda Halcomb Says:

    Gosh I thought you were going to show Royals that had flown over from the British Isles! Oh, well, the photos you do show are really wonderful. I understand why you will miss it. Your gouache is very interesting. I like the fact that you are so willing to jump in and give something new a try. Very attractive.

  6. northpenninegallery Says:

    I really enjoyed this post Barry, one day I might get to visit. It reminds me so much of the west coast of Scotland. The view from Fishers Loft is stunning.

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