Live from Walkham’s Gate Pub, Bonavista

Two out of three, so far. We’ve seen Atlantic Puffins and the whales have already been reported. Icebergs usually come a bit later.

We’re having drinks and dinner at the Walkham’s Gate Pub (and catching up on email) in Bonavista. This has become one of our favorite spots in the area. Traditional cuisine, cold beer and good conversation but Steve Phillips just told us that we missed some great music last night. Two lads from nearby Newman’s Cove and Catalina.

We did take in a cultural event on Monday night, attending a screening of films from Films on the Go at the Garrick Theatre. This event is part of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. The program featured several excellent short films. The highlight for us was STILL ROWDY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, a documentary about the life of celebrated actor and Newfoundland icon Gordon Pinsent by Newfoundland director Barbara Doran.

I’ve done several pieces with gouache and watercolour by now. Working with gouache has been a fairly new challenge and an inspiring one. Here’s my latest endeavour…

Trinity East Harbour

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2 Responses to “Live from Walkham’s Gate Pub, Bonavista”

  1. Carol King Says:

    Your Trinity East Harbor painting is amazing, beautiful, fabulous, wonderful….wait, let me go check my thesaurus for more adjectives.

    I love the colors and the flatness of the shapes. I’m voyeuristic-ly enjoying your trip. Thanks for all the photos.

  2. Sue McKee Says:

    Hi Barry,
    This Trinty East painting is stunning. It’s a knockout!!! I’ve loved your pen and ink work and all the photo’s you’ve sent from Newfoundland – thanks!

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