Trinity Bight, Newfoundland

Old Bonaventure

We’re having a delicious lunch at the Two Whales Coffee Shop in Port Rexton. This area is called the Trinity Bight and is very popular with tourists and for good reason. Every little bay and cove seems to have a picturesque village.

Trinity Bight is on the other side of the Cape from us but it’s not too long a drive. Last week, we hiked the famous Skerwink Trail, 5k of rugged cliffs and headlands.

Skerwink Trail

New Bonaventure


Trinity East

We’ve been enjoying caplin (kay-plin) weather here on the Bonavista peninsula. Caplin are the small fish that are a major food source for whales and seabirds. They come here to spawn, sometimes right on the beaches but, more recently, mostly in deeper water. Unfortunately, caplin weather tends to be foggy and wet. Oh well, we didn’t come to Newfoundland in June to lie on the beach.

English Harbour


Still painting and sketching. Here’s another sketch from Keels done in my 5 x 7″ sketchbook. I’ve abandoned any preliminary planning lines and dive right in with the pen. Proportion can suffer as a result but I like the immediacy.

Aleda has been working hard on her oil pastels and doing a lot of sketching, as well.

Hauled Up, Keels


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5 Responses to “Trinity Bight, Newfoundland”

  1. Robin Campbell Says:

    I quite admire Hauled Up, Keels – fabulous impact! I love the conflicting angles of the buildings and the contrast to the strong oval shape of the dory in the foreground. Such assuredness in all the lines. Lovely image, both gruff and elegant.

    – Rob

  2. jane darragh Says:

    Happy to see that you have experienced Trinity and environs!

  3. Abeer Says:

    I love this sketch, actually I prefer when proportions “suffer”, there is life to it, isn’t this what art is all about!!!

  4. grandidea Says:

    SO have you seen any birds?

  5. northpenninegallery Says:

    I love the sketches Barry, you draw like a painter (which you are).

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