Newfoundland Cuisine

We were shopping in the general store in Keels the other day. A gentleman walked up to the counter beside me with a roll of bologna the size of a chicken. He smiled, somewhat sheepishly, and announced “Newfy steak!”


Nolan sent me a comment asking about local food and drink. There’s something on the menu for every taste. A few nights ago, we had a boilup of lobster so fresh it was barely out of the ocean.

During our recent visit to Bonavista and Neil’s Yard we dined at the Harbour Quarters Inn. Aleda had the Cod Tongues and wasn’t sold on them so I helped her finish. I chose the Fish’n Brewis with a rhubarb relish and enjoyed it very much. We washed down our meal with a few bottles of beer from the Quidi Vidi brewery.

Cod Tongues

Fish'n Brewis

We’re looking forward to lobster again tonight with Stephen Zeifman at Mill Road Studio in Port Rexton. Check out his artwork and course offerings.

We’ve both been painting and I continue to play with gouache over watercolour. Here’s another new one.

Abandoned Pump, Red Cliff


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2 Responses to “Newfoundland Cuisine”

  1. Alison Says:

    With each new post, my desire to go to Newfoundland increases! Thanks for sharing its beauty!

  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    When you travel, you bring a place to life. I love PEI but have never been to Newfoundland. Sounds great and I’m a real foodie! What’s a brewlis? Your goache painting is interesting. It will be fun to see where you take this.

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