Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight


Last week, I mistakenly entitled my post Week Eight. I’ve amended it and this is the real Week Eight of Spring Tuesday classes.

Normally, I just show one view of the still-life but I’m proud of my collection of floats. The small ones are net floats and the larger ones are for things like lobster traps. I have even more large ones but had to show some restraint.

Most of these floats were beach-combed over the years on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Why don’t you join us this July for a wonderful painting holiday on this beautiful island and start your own float collection?

Prior to the classes, I prepared a sheet of studies using yellow, red and blue markers. Yellow is for planning and is the equivalent of very light graphite pencil lines; red is for wire frame and medium weight pencil lines and blue is for darker pencil lines which show the visible edges of the objects.

In some of these studies, I tried to imagine the floats as if they were brand-new and not wrinkled and worn. These old floats are a wonderful textural subject but if we want the textures to be convincing we must grasp the form of the objects and convey our understanding to the viewer of our painting or drawing.

A gritty and prosaic subject like this often results in terrific work. Perhaps, it’s more forgiving than something like a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight”

  1. Scott Cooper Says:

    I think this is some of the best work I’ve seen from your classes – well done, all!

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