Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Six


The only objects that survived from Saturday’s still-life were the onions. I used the ‘shape-reading’ approach again in my demonstration. I limited myself to yellow, red and blue and mixed all of the various browns without using any earth pigments such as Burnt Sienna. Most of the students pursued  these ideas.

Our subject was trickier than it looked at first glance. The dark middle tones of the bowls and vases can be difficult to achieve in watercolour. The light on the onions required very thin, luminous washes. The texture of the onions is important but we must give them their spherical form for the texture to be convincing.

We had a lot of fun and you can see some strong results below. There are always a few sighs and groans but they’re generally good-natured.  Watercolour is tough enough without excessive self-flagellation and we always have to remember our rallying cry, “It’s only a piece of paper!”

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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2 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Six”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    All of your students made a valient effort! In 2008 I read an interview and the artist was stressing risk taking. They used the “remember it’s only paper” quote and it freed me. There are times when I still get tangled up when I have put many hours into a painting but this really has been a life changing phrase for me.

  2. Susan power Says:

    Here’s a quote I discovered that perfectly summarizes my state of mind every Tuesday (painting days with Barry)

    ” Before I start painting I have a slightly ambiguous feeling: happiness is a special excitement because unhappiness is always possible a moment later.’

    -Francis Bacon

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