Sustained Saturday – Watercolour

Question: When is white darker than green?
Answer: When light and shadow make it so.

Do you see the dark green zucchini in front of the white pot on the right side of the still-life. Even the photo shows us that the pot is darker than the zucchini where the two objects meet. The pot is also darker than the onion. We pondered this and other mysteries in our class yesterday.

My demonstration was a ‘shape-read’. No pencil drawing was done prior to painting. Correct proportion can be a casualty of this approach but it has many benefits. It’s an excellent way to improve brush-handling skills, for instance. Most of the students tried shape-reading, either as a warm-up painting or a sustained work.

I used the demo as a way to discuss various aspects of the still-life. We realized how important it is to study light and shadow relationships thoughtfully before diving into the painting.

This was the last Sustained Saturday of the term. I don’t offer them during the nice weather. It’s hard to compete with gardening and other outdoor activities on a lovely spring day. I’ll miss the creative energy and the exciting work.

Sustained Saturday Critique


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