Humber Valley Art Club – ‘Cubist’ Workshop


I’ve been working with the Humber Valley Art Club for the past two Wednesdays. We created ‘Cubist’ still-lifes in watercolour.

HVAC is based at the Neilson Park Creative Centre which is a building devoted to large, bright visual art studios and a gallery, all in a park setting. The club is celebrating it’s 6oth anniversary this year. Angela Lynch is the current President (shown above with me).


Three steps of my sustained demonstration are shown here. I do a carefully planned drawing over a random preliminary wash. Early on, I try to establish my white areas  and introduce some resist material. Wax was used in this piece. Sometimes, I’ll use rubber cement, as well.

I enjoy discussing colour during these workshops. The dominant colour theme in my watercolour is a complementary blue and orange/gold. A secondary theme is comprised of green and red. Black comes last. Many of the black areas have been planned from the outset but I like to make some of the decisions as a final step of the process.

This watercolour was completed on Curry’s, 200 lb., cold pressed paper and is approximately 15 x 22″.

Seeking inspiration from Cubism is a challenge, especially the first time. The participants asked good questions, followed the steps and, in the end, no two watercolours were alike. There’s never enough time, of course, and not all of these works are finished but they share a lot of personality and creative energy.

Humber Valley Art Club - 'Cubist' Critique

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