Final Days in San Miguel de Allende!

Thanks for your supportive comments! They’re always appreciated, especially when we’re so far from home.

We’re all back safe and sound after enjoying ten lovely days in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. On Friday, we painted in Plaza Allende which is overlooked by Generalissimo Allende on his steed, as well as a few avian friends.

In the morning, I demonstrated some approaches to sketching and painting people and there was no shortage of subject matter in this lively part of town. Several of our painters gave it a try.

Saturday was a free day for shopping and sight-seeing although many of the group finished paintings or started new ones. We convened at 5 pm for an event I call Final Critique, a survey of our work. It’s a great way to look back on the whole experience. Check out the photo of the exhibition at the bottom of this post. Our Farewell Dinner was at a local restaurant called Berlin and everything was delicious. SM de Allende has many excellent restaurants with diverse cuisines.

Here is a sampling of images from around town. If you like gorgeous weather, beautiful townscapes, great food and the camaderie of fellow artists, you might want to mark SM de Allende in your calendar for 2012.




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One Response to “Final Days in San Miguel de Allende!”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Barry, Thank you for sharing your experience. I think what I learn when I look at the work of your students (and of yours) is to be bold with color. No wishy washy colors. Your colors are soft and beautiful but also saturated. I think it is hard for many watercolorists to do this.

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