Hola from SM de Allende!

We’ve had a hectic schedule for our first three days and I’ve finally got a chance to post. That’s our hotel courtyard above and we made it our painting site for our first day. I did a watercolour demonstration as well as a drawing demo.

Saturday took us to Parque Benito Juarez which is a lovely park surrounded by attractive houses and charming hotels. The side streets offer lots of subject matter such as the outdoor public laundry (below).

We wrap up our days with a critique in our studio at the hotel. There are always lots of watercolours and drawings to look at so we do a few at a time.

Today, Sunday, was a free day and half the group went on an optional day trip to the state capitol of Guanajuato. The rest explored San Miguel and sketched and painted in different spots. I wanted to give them a few ideas ahead of time so I gave a pen and watercolour demo following the Saturday critique.

Wish you were here! Hasta luego.



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One Response to “Hola from SM de Allende!”

  1. georgehume Says:

    It is still sunny here too, just not as warm.

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