Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two

I started off with more review of ‘wire frame’ drawing. It’s a very helpful approach to understanding the forms of the objects and the space they occupy. The lines have been darkened in the demonstration (below left) so that you can see the process clearly.

The  watercolour study of two pears was done at the start of the evening class.

While the painters worked this morning, I did a small study of a foreshortened pear in three steps. Foreshortening tends to intimidate beginners and more experienced artists, as well. It’s important to try to draw what you are actually seeing and not what you think the pear should look like. Trust your eye. This three step  process might help.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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4 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    You are so right – I have a tendency to draw what my mind tells me, not what my eye tells me. Great reminder to turn off the assumptions and preconceived ideas about what something looks like…

  2. Stephen Says:

    Hi Barry – I am inspired by your confident use of colour in your pear study – go bold – I try to apply this – another great class – thanks Stephen

  3. Barry Coombs Says:

    Thanks, Stephen. I saw some very colourful and strong new work on your site a while back. I’ll come for another visit.

  4. Barry Coombs Says:

    I’m teaching right now, Linda. Quick break. We’ve spent a fair bit of time today on the same challenges. Degas used the phrase ‘drawing without bias’. I believe he was referring to the endless struggle between our mind and our eye.

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