Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Seven

I discussed the flat/angled brush approach again yesterday. The shoes and boots are a drawing challenge yet perfect for the exercise. Our goal was not to paint portraits of individual objects but to study the relationships between them. Cool and warm colours were used in an attempt to enhance forms.

We used the swatch-like process with our still-life of pomegranates two weeks ago. Working light to dark, the relationships are developed with patience and good observation of values. I darkened the Cobalt Blue gradually with a bit of Burnt Sienna.

One of the students compared the process to cross-hatching with the pen. I can see the parallel and was inspired to sketch during the evening session.

Cross-hatching is something I find very meditative. It’s an approach to drawing that allows me to respond to the observed tonal relationships of my subject at a comfortable pace. I try to look carefully at areas where the various objects overlap each other.

Short strokes of the pen eventually combine to become shapes. Areas are darkened by overlapping groups of strokes in different directions.

The traditional use of light and shadow to create a sense of form is the means of this drawing. It certainly doesn’t look much like the watercolour study shown above but the two have a lot in common. A prosaic subject such as this old footwear might seem dull at first glance. It’s everyday familiarity is exactly what makes it worth our attention. It’s demanding enough that I couldn’t anything  for granted yet I didn’t feel any pressure to make it beautiful.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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2 Responses to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Seven”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I have never heard of the “swatch” process. Once again I learn something new from you!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Hey Barry – this is such an interesting subject and a great process. Your classes look like fun. Your people also create some excellent work. Lots of energy here.

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