Jeju Island, South Korea

This will be a brief post. Our lovely five-star resort on Jeju Island has no way to recharge my laptop. Kerry and I are at the National Palace in Seoul (above).

This has been a great experience and I haven’t laughed so much in ages. I’ve met artists from all over the world and have a large collection of business cards and catalogues.

The whole trip has been a whirlwind of tours, meals and outdoor sketching. We’re welcomed everywhere with banners and photo-ops. Yesterday, we toured the Jeju Folk Museum. I’m not much help to this hard-working woman.

We’ve been to some beautiful sites for our plein air sketching sessions. The sessions are only for two to three hours and Jeju’s famous winds have been a bit of a nuisance. Still, I’ve got some good material for larger studio work back home. That’s it for now. Off sketching for the morning and another full day. My next post will probably be from home base in Toronto and I’ll tell you about the final weekend of the trip at that time.

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4 Responses to “Jeju Island, South Korea”

  1. nolando Says:

    Awesome update! I can’t wait to see your finished products based on the trip (and hear the unabridged stories).

  2. Joan Says:

    You look so happy. What a magnificent adventure! Your “sketches” are beautiful…2hours, bloody hell.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Hey I like the cubist landscapes. Were those done on site? They are so full of life.
    This was such a great adventure.

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      Thanks for your recent thoughts. The ‘cubist’ landscapes were done on site. They actually take longer than the more traditional rock studies. I was the last one back to the bus from most of our plein air sessions. And, you’re right, it was a great adventure and one I’ll never forget.

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