G20 World Art Festival – Seoul, South Korea

I’ve been in Korea for about twenty seven hours and have already attended the Opening Reception of the G20 World Art Festival. That’s my friend, Kerry Kim, with me and my painting. It’s a mixed media work on paper and the decision to frame it unglazed and without a mat was not mine. No complaints, though! I’ve never experienced such hospitality and there’s much more to come.

The Opening Reception was jammed with guests (they’re all behind me) and many dignitaries and sponsors gave speeches. We also enjoyed a traditional dance performance. The exhibition features the work of about sixteen ‘foreign’ artists and at least two dozen Korean artists.

I met my fellow foreign artists yesterday and it’s a diverse and interesting group from many countries. In most cases, we were able to find a common language. Today, we have a tour of Seoul before being whisked off to the airport for a short flight to Jeju Island. I hope to post more soon about our Sketching Program and other events on Jeju.



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One Response to “G20 World Art Festival – Seoul, South Korea”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Barry, I am very happy for you. You must be so excited. Enjoy the experience!

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