Clarkson Society of Artists – Pen and W/C

I led a workshop for the Clarkson Society of Artists yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve worked for this group. The photo above shows their program convener, Lyla Stockdale, and me.  A harbour scene in pen and watercolour was requested and I chose a composite view of Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island at low tide. I’m getting a lot of use out of that  dory lately.

Step One - Seal Cove

Step One incorporates the pencil drawing, a light grey wash over the upper half of the image and the development of values with cool grey washes. Some of the group liked it at this stage but there were more ideas to explore.

Step Two - Seal Cove

In Step Two, thin washes of colour were lightly glazed over the dry image. I wanted the colour to be subtle and limited it to the middle and foreground.

Step Three - Seal Cove

The pen appears in Step Three. I worked very quickly as we discussed ideas about light and shadow and texture. I don’t consider it to be finished at this stage. I left it at the point where the group last saw it.

It was a busy day as we covered a lot of ground. Not everyone finished so I hope this post will help. It was a good experience overall and I look forward to visiting this talented group of artists again.


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3 Responses to “Clarkson Society of Artists – Pen and W/C”

  1. northpenninegallery Says:

    Barry, do you use the same black ink watered down, or do you use a different grey inks? I’m fascinated by this process and I’m going to give it a bash! Love this scene and your little tug boat and bears! What I’d give to attend one of your workshops!

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      Kieth, It’s all watercolour except the pen work. The grey is a mix of cobalt or ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. When that dries, I apply the colour very gently so as not to disturb the grey ‘underpainting’. Cheers, Barry

  2. northpenninegallery Says:

    Okay, I’m going to give it a whirl tonight! I love it!

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