Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Six

It’s been a while since we’ve used our flat or angled brushes. I started today’s demonstration with a light pencil drawing. I then painted the lightest areas with a pale, diluted yellow and used the brush to create broken ‘swatches’ instead of filling in large shapes.

Gradually, I added more brushstrokes of darker colour and value throughout the image. Also, I tried to have each colour appear everywhere in the painting and not just in local areas. For instance, you can see reds in green areas.

Swatch shapes are varied by using the brush in different ways. The corner of the brush can make interesting smaller marks and the edge of the brush can make linear strokes. The swatches are usually dry before new ones are added but not always. In a way, the brush becomes more of a drawing tool,.

I present this approach in the studio and outdoors, as well. Although many of the students have tried it in the past it can still be a real brain-teaser. It’s always challenging to step outside your comfort zone but a good creative jolt can trigger new ideas. Have a look below at today’s work.

Tuesday AM Critique

Tuesday PM Critique


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