Strata Sight Receives Review!

Strata Sight has received a review by Jeff Mahoney in the Hamilton Spectator. The review is included in an article titled ‘The fabric of Ottawa Street is richer yet’.

” While on Ottawa Street, check out the new show at Robert Daniels’ Earls Court Gallery. Featured are paintings by Barry Coombs and Wayne Moore.

The two have very different styles but the work shares a common passion for breaking the integrity of their scenes into prismatic multiplicity. The idea is somewhat Cubist, but the results are sharply different, both from each other and from that historical influence.

Coombs, known to many in Hamilton for his teaching, takes harbour vistas in the maritimes in some paintings and rooftop bird’s eyes of Tuscany in others and rethinks all the planes and angles, often jumbling them together, but always with very pleasing new rhythms.

If Coombs pulls apart space, Moore pulls apart time, doing pentimento overlapping of moment upon moment, so we have the almost acetate-transparency illusion of watching, for example, a woman’s face waking up. There are veins and circuits of colour and shape in these paintings that are put together like anatomical systems. Both artists are working at a very high level and the pieces function not only as art but as clinics in how to effectively reconstitute shape, light and dimension. The show ends Sept. 25. “

Read the full article at

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