Toronto Outdoor Week – Last Day!

Edward’s Gardens was our site for Friday, the last day of our workshop. I’m not sure why I didn’t take any photos of the flowers but, trust me, they’re lovely. The new Toronto Botanical Garden, next door, is quite spectacular, as well. The group had indicated an interest in painting people and I obliged with a demonstration. Aleda posed for two studies.

These are the steps I followed for the study of the seated figure, above left.

1) A ‘stick figure’ in light pencil.

2) Angular, blocky shapes in light pencil. No curves.

3) A cool grey wash establishing shadow throughout the study.

4) Local colour after allowing the grey wash to dry.

5) Pen work with a 08 Pigment Ink drawing pen from Pilot.

The first two steps were repeated for the standing figure. I didn’t use a grey wash in this one. I painted in a lighter value of local colour and left a fair bit of white. When dry, I added a darker value of local colour. No pen was used.

I work very quickly on these demos and sometimes the proportions suffer. Luckily, I have a forgiving model.

Sketching and painting people in public places is challenging but a lot of fun and quite rewarding. Your subjects will rarely cooperate. I suggest a whole sheet of figures in pencil only, with  written colour notes. Then you can take your time with the watercolour and pen. You might forget a colour or a detail but, with practice, your memory will provide you with the essential information.

We had a great week. Everyone worked hard and it was a pleasure to comment on all of the creative results at our end-of-day critiques. All of our sites were accessible by public transit, by the way. Join us next August.


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One Response to “Toronto Outdoor Week – Last Day!”

  1. butterflyhands Says:

    Hi Barry. Thanks for your visit on my side. I love these pen and watercolour sketches. I have never been really successfull with adding colour to my pen sketches. That is perhaps because I have never learned how to use watercolours properly. Cecily

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