Charlevoix, Quebec – Day One

This is the sheet I was working on yesterday when a little bit of rain intervened. All of these subjects were found behind the church in Les Eboulements and I didn’t need to move much to find them. The paper is Curry’s 200 lb., cold press. I started the workshop this morning by showing these small paintings and discussing subject selection. While the group painted I prepared a few images for a pen and watercolour demonstration, which I gave after lunch.

I worked on two watercolour images with the pen. A #5 Pilot pigment liner pen was used on Saunders’ 140 lb., hot press paper. You can see two steps, wash followed by pen, of the study below.

I hope this isn’t too grim. This sculptural object was on the roof of a stone mausoleum in the cemetery. It was a good drawing challenge and perfect for the pen and ink ideas I wanted to present.

We had a great day. Lots of good work at our first critique, fine hospitality and cuisine at the Auberge de nos Aieux and a very positive chemistry with the group. Wish you were here!


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One Response to “Charlevoix, Quebec – Day One”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Great ink and wash work and I like the perspectives used in the watercolor sketches. You use such nice colors I wish you would comment on your standard palette in a post at some point. Thank you for sharing!

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