Blue Mountain – Final Two Days

Our last two days of the Blue Mountain workshop took us to more lovely painting spots. The farmhouse at Carpe Diem Gardens is shown above. We were surrounded by orchards and perennial gardens. Jane was a generous host and opened up the doors of a large barn, allowing us to stay dry through the odd shower while enjoying a variety of subject matter.

I chose to present an interior with an exterior view. My first step (below left) was watercolour over pencil. Once the washes were dry, I worked on it with pen and this is as far as I got (below right).

We returned to Mill Creek Farm for our final day. The Tuesday reception was hosted there but we had yet to explore it with pen and brush. I offered some thoughts on handling the figure with pen and watercolour. Aleda was such a good model that several of the workshop participants were sketching her while I worked.

Murphy, the golden retriever and lord of the manor, was not such a cooperative model. I pretty much invented his pose while he took it easy.

Subject matter abounded at all of our venues and Mill Creek Farm was no different. I managed to get a few pen and watercolour sketches done over the course of the day. I’ve always enjoyed scarecrows. They not only reflect the creativity of their maker but they are proof that everyone has a job on a farm.

It was a great week in beautiful country. Everyone worked very hard and some wonderful work was created. Pen and watercolour are a rewarding and quite addictive combination. I’ll be presenting some of these ideas for my upcoming workshops in Charlevoix, Quebec and Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick.

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