Blue Mountain – Pen and Watercolour

I’m teaching for the Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painting (BMSLP) this week. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this well-known group. The theme of the week is pen and ink combined with wash and watercolour. We spent Monday morning in the studio and completed two exercises before heading outdoors to the Thornbury harbour.

I started the afternoon with a quick demo of a boat. Everyone has trouble with boats. They’re not very forgiving and demand careful observation and some fluency with perspective. We put in a good afternoon’s work. Later, Aleda and I were invited for a delicious dinner at the home of Ben and Jean Salvatore. Ben is one of two facilitators appointed by BMSLP for this week’s workshop.

The weather didn’t cooperate on Tuesday and we continued with pen and watercolour exercises in the studio. I presented the basic steps of the exercises on a large sheet at my easel so that everyone could see them clearly. Then, the group gathered around my table to watch as I worked on watercolour paper. Here’s one of my demonstrations from yesterday.

I did a pencil drawing first and applied the watercolour washes over the pencil. When the washes dried, I used the pen. This is an imaginary scene but contains several elements that we encounter in a rural setting. We worked until 4 pm yesterday before driving to Mill Creek Farm, home of Mary Lou and Ian Morgan, for a lovely reception. Mary Lou is the current president of the school. The group had a chance to chat and get to know each other.

Today, we painted at Wingit Farm, the home of Sally Tuck. Sally is the other facilitator for the week and she has a gorgeous property with a fantastic view.

This group includes several talented and experienced watercolour painters. Many of them started fairly large works this morning and virtually completed them as watercolours. What about the pen? I did the sheet below over the course of the day and all from the same spot. Pen and watercolour is often suitable for smaller, quicker works and that makes it a great medium for travel sketches.

It was a beautiful summer day. Everyone enjoyed Wingit Farm very much and the photo above tells it all. The critique was a pleasure to convene. The work was lovely and captured the feel of this charming venue.


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2 Responses to “Blue Mountain – Pen and Watercolour”

  1. Abeer Says:

    I love this style of watercolor and Pen and Ink, will we be doing something similar at Charlevoix?

  2. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Lovely setting. I have done almost no watercolor and ink work but I like your examples. Another style to add to the list of things I want to try!

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