The Diodes at the Horseshoe Tavern

I studied at the Ontario College of Art (now known as OCAD) in the seventies. My time there overlapped with the dawn of the Punk Rock era. Art schools seemed to be a natural breeding ground for punk bands and OCA produced several good ones. The most celebrated has always been the Diodes.

The guy on the left, Ian Mackay, has a studio across the hall from me. Ian is the bass player for the Diodes, then and now, as well as a versatile artist. We’ve been friends for a long time but I haven’t seen much of him lately as he’s been touring with the Diodes in Italy and Southern Ontario. Last night, the Diodes came home to Toronto’s famous Horseshoe Tavern and it was an unusual class reunion. Jim Bourke ( and I took in the show. Jim and I were in first year together. He’s a fabulous painter and his website is well worth a look.

The opening band was Johnny and the G-Rays, old friends of the Diodes, and they were terrific. The Diodes delivered big time and it was great to see Ian’s son, Ryder, backing them up on keyboards.

I imagine Ian will be itching to get back to his quiet studio and some painting next week. With luck, my ears will have recovered, as well.

The clipping above is from Now Magazine, Toronto’s popular free entertainment weekly.


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