Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight

Colourful, natural forms were our theme this week. I turned off all of the lights in the studio except the one above the still-life. It looked great, very dramatic, and helped us understand the light and shadow relationships. However, we couldn’t work in the dark so the lights went back on. Occasionally, I turned them off for a minute or so to inspire us anew and allow another moment’s study of the interaction between light and shadow.

I discussed the ‘relative value’ of the objects. Some were very light, in general, and some quite dark but all showed a range in value. We looked at the relationships between the various objects and saw how the dark papaya, for instance, could bring out the lighter mango and oranges.

I always enjoy our critiques at the end of each class.  Most of the students start with a compositional study. The paintings are done from direct observation and are completed in little more than two hours. They work from the same still-life after watching the same demonstration so it’s fascinating to see the different styles. Here’s the work from our morning class.

Tuesday AM Critique


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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Eight”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Your students are incredibly talented and I always like your setups and the comments in your posts are very helpful. What lively, beautiful paintings!

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