Grand Manan Island this July!

Sketching & Watercolour Painting
July 25 – 31, 2010
20th Anniversary!

Enrollment is very good for my workshop on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick this summer.

You’re not too late, though, for this special creative experience. There is still room at the inn and a charming cottage is available, perfect for two painters.

I’ve been looking back at photos from my first nineteen years on the island and have chosen a few for you to enjoy.

The famous and much painted Swallowtail Light is on top of this collage. Under that is a hauled-up boat that needs a real paint job. Next is me discussing my demo with Nico and Ian in North Head Harbour. That’s a herring weir in Pettes’ Cove on the bottom. The herring run close to the shore at night. The whole school hits the fence on the right and enters the weir. Hopefully, they don’t get out before the fisherman arrive to ‘seine’ the weir. All of the weirs have nicknames such as the Money Weir and the Jubilee.

Details of this workshop can be found on my website at


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One Response to “Grand Manan Island this July!”

  1. Alison Says:

    I cannot wait!

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