Six Degrees of Freedom Opening Reception

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Opening Reception yesterday and gave their support to all six participating artists. We had an excellent turnout and it was a wonderful afternoon. Openings are always a bit of a blur for the artists and I hope I didn’t unintentionally neglect to speak with any of you.

Do you see a family resemblance? That’s my much younger sister, Beth, and myself in front of one of my watercolours.

One of our artists, Doug Purdon, was the juror for our exhibition. He chose a favorite from each of us. SAN GIMIGNANO, TUSCANY was the piece he selected from my twelve watercolours. Doug offered the following remarks:

“When painting a subject that has been depicted many times before it is difficult to see it in a new light.  Barry has accomplished that in his painting of San Gimignano.  Through the use of multi-point perspective and strong colour he has made this subject his own.”

I’m sure you’re curious about sales. I don’t like to measure the success of a show in sales alone. Art is my lifelong passion and I’ve never pursued it as a purely commercial venture. However, rent must be paid, sales were very good and I’m grateful to all of my patrons.I’m happy that  my watercolours will be enjoyed in their new homes. The exhibition continues to May 24.


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2 Responses to “Six Degrees of Freedom Opening Reception”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Congratulations! The painting grabs the eye with the unusual perspective and lively color. The judge’s remarks were very astute.

  2. Alison Says:

    Loved the show and seeing all of your work. You are an inspiration!

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