Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week One

Spring must be here. Tuesday watercolour classes are underway. If you think the still-life above is one of the simplest I’ve presented, you’re right! I was hoping that the students would do a few quick paintings and get the kinks out after the layoff.

This is my morning demo. I took just under half an hour to paint it and you can see it is very immediate. The bane of many of my students is the ‘background’. What to do with it? Rather than think of it as a last-minute decision I encourage them to consider it from the outset of the painting. Yesterday, we discussed the concept of a ‘figure/ground’ relationship. In general, we can think of the objects as the figure and the surrounding area as the ground. Is it a dynamic relationship? Do both work together to create an interesting or atmospheric image? Here’s what the morning students did.

Tuesday AM Critique

My morning students taught me a few things about colour which I tried to apply to my evening demo (left). This painting took about the same time as the earlier one. The colour is less literal and more vibrant. I like geometry and I’ve introduced a new shape to the background. In the studio, we are surrounded by geometric shapes but I rarely see them appear in the student’s work. The evening group followed the same approach. Their work is below and includes a few efforts in pen and ink.

Tuesday PM Critique


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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week One”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how everyone has their own approach, their interpretation? I guess that’s what makes art!

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