Winding Down a Great Trip – SMA, Mexico

Here I am with Javier, the professional driver/guide I mentioned in my last post. Yesterday, our group spread out to paint in different areas of town. I sat in El Jardin, the main square, from noon to two pm and offered feedback to those who were working nearby. I managed to find a few of them in the morning and afternoon, as well. We usually work in the same general area but, for the last day of painting, they were free to choose their own site.

San Miguel de Allende is a provincial town but it boasts lovely plazas and churches. It’s possible to find shady spots in the plazas but there are also quiet courtyards that offer shelter from the sun and attractive subject matter.

Preparations were being made throughout town for last night’s Friday of Sorrows. Many of the shrines are public but the most intriguing are in the homes that open to visitors. Popsicles and juice are offered to the hordes of people who stroll the streets and enjoy the creative and very devout efforts of the local residents.

Today is our last day and free time was given for painting, shopping or just relaxing by the pool. We’ll have our traditional Final Critique later on and then a Farewell Dinner at Berlin, an excellent local restaurant.

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