Painting people and critters in SMA, Mexico

Yesterday, we took a day trip to the historic town of Atotonilco. The cathedral is a marvelous structure and a wonderful subject. We painted to the sounds of a men’s choir and it was magical. I’m just setting up for my demo in the photo to the left and the group are gradually getting assembled. In the afternoon, our reliable driver and excellent guide, Javier Vargas Ramirez, drove us to La Gruta for a relaxing few hours of bathing in the hot springs. It was a refreshing mid-week break and I, for one, slept very well last night. We’ve known Javier for seven years and can’t recommend him highly enough. He can be contacted at

This morning for the demonstration, I painted some figures from photos. The colourful mounted policemen patrol the main square and the park. He might be a bit big for the horse but they are fairly small horses. Either that or I got the proportions wrong. You’ll have to come to SMA to find out. Our lady was very charming and these images are not to scale. She was about four feet tall, one of the tiniest people I’ve ever seen.

You know what they say about sleeping dogs. This sketch was done on-site and as soon as I started to paint he got up and wandered off.

We worked in a lovely church courtyard today with many street vendors and a lively market nearby. I’m consulting with Dave on the left. He’s been concentrating on pencil and pen drawing and doing very well. I guess children are lovely everywhere but these kids are something else. The youngster on the left is explaining the nuances of Hanna’s subject to his little sister.


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3 Responses to “Painting people and critters in SMA, Mexico”

  1. Joan Says:

    I think I know that dog!

  2. Sue McKee Says:

    Barry’s demo’s look fabulous! And I have no reason to suck up! I love the children. Sue

  3. Chiquita Phillips Says:

    Your blog isn’t quite as good as being there with you all – but goes some way in that direction. Thanks for all the photos & comments, Chiquita

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