Live from Manolo’s Bar, SMA, Mexico!

I think I mentioned that the artists in our workshop work hard and play hard. We’re enjoying a great night on the town after lots of plein air painting.

Simon MacDonald, on the left, was invited to perform by Al, on the right, at Manolo’s Bar. Manolo’s is on the corner of Zacateros and Pila Seca. It’s part of Casa Payo, an excellent Argentinian restaurant. Manolo’s has WiFi, so I’m posting as Simon sings. The rest of our group has arrived and we’re packing the place. Tomorrow morning’s demo might be interesting.

I guess I should get back to painting, the real theme of this blog. The demonstration above left  was done yesterday morning at Plaza San Antonio. It was a challenge to pull together on-site but there were several ideas I wanted to express. I used atmospheric perspective and a great deal of simplification. The group was either delighted or horrified when a bakery delivery van parked in front of us and blocked my view completely. Fortunately, it was gone five minutes later.

Everyone got to work after the demo and you can see that Bill’s face is a mask of concentration.

This morning I discussed arches as we were headed to Belles Artes courtyard to paint for the day. Arches are a big feature of the courtyard. In the demonstration above, I painted the deep shadow in the arch and, when it was dry, added some potted plants by painting them right over the shadow wash. I used more contrast on the plants in the foreground.

A few of our painters elected to paint outside the courtyard. You can just see the Parroquia, San Miguel’s cathedral, in the distance. That’s Simon in the hat, putting his artistic skills to good use. And he’s not a bad musician either.


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4 Responses to “Live from Manolo’s Bar, SMA, Mexico!”

  1. Joan Says:

    It looks as beautiful as ever. I’m sure everyone is having a great time: Wish I was there!

  2. Alison Says:

    It looks stunning. Glad to see that everyone is having such a fun and productive time. If I didn’t have to teach I would be there!

  3. Sue McKee Says:

    The messages you are sending are not only fun but instructive. I have an injured foot and can’t walk so hearing from San Miguel has cheered me up! Say Hi! to John, Gwen, and Bill for me. Thanks, Sue

  4. ErinHill• Art+Travel Journal Says:

    This is very unfair of you Barry. This year I’m painting in Tuscany and Lyon, but beginning to think SMA might now be on the agenda in the future.

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