Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Ten

Winter term at my studio has come to an end. I’ve managed to post something about every class. I’m grateful to all of my students. They have been very patient with my efforts at photography and the scanning of demonstrations in progress.

Robert Simmons Sapphire Angle Shader 3/8"

This is the brush I used to paint yesterday’s demonstrations. They are described on Cheap Joe’s website as “a unique blend of the finest red sable hair and tapered synthetic filaments that work together to create a brush that performs like a sable and lasts like a synthetic”.

Here are a few individual studies. I haven’t used this brush for a while so the studies are good practice. These brushes are quite versatile and they can be used in many ways. It’s possible to end up with the same look that can be created with a round brush. I’ve deliberately tried to show the unique shape of the brush in these studies.

Most of the students used whatever flat brush they had in their kit. Many achieved the angular look of the brush shape in the brass objects and even the plums. The broader areas of fabric, background and the central container tended to look a bit more like their usual efforts with the round brush. Although well-executed, some of the paintings seemed to have more than one style.

In this sustained study, I’ve tried to maintain the same approach to mark-making and brush-handling throughout the image. It takes determination and personal interpretation is at least as important as one’s observation skills. The goal is a harmonious look.  The exercise is quite enjoyable and I plan to do a few demos in Mexico with various flat and angled brushes.

My Spring calendar will be posted soon. We start on Tuesday, April 13.


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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Ten”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    I love your set-ups. They are very creative, challenging but fair and have great color. My instrcutor at the Indianapolis Art Center uses a 1″ angled brush like yours. She paints a whole painting with it and basically uses nothing else. Thank you for posting.

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