Tuesday Class – Pen and Ink!

I love drawing with pen and ink and I’ve been teaching it for two decades. Most of the Tuesday class participants are watercolourists but there is usually someone drawing with pencil or pen. The other night, four of the group were working with pen and a few combined it with other media.

Jacques Descoteaux

The drawing on the left is by Jacques Descoteaux. Jacques is one of those landscape painters who never really drew much. He had been concentrating on pencil until recently. Lately, the pen seems to have really inspired him.

We can all see the little problems with the drawing but I like the simplification and the handling of the pen. The drawing has a harmonious textural quality that has nothing to do with the textures of the various objects being depicted. Check out Jacques’s work at http://www.jdcoto.com.

Katherine Frech

Katherine Frech is a very capable watercolourist and one who loves to experiment. I thought she was doing a warmup drawing on Tuesday but she kept going. She’s created a very believable space with the objects strongly related to each other. Her use of tone in the background and the treatment of the fabrics pulls everything together nicely. I enjoy the ‘lost edge’ between the apple on the left and the canister above it.

Michael Galea

Mike Galea is an architectural student who joined us this term. He and his friend John started with drawing fundamentals in pencil and were introduced to the pen a few weeks ago. The combination of pen and watercolour really appeals to Mike and he’s done a nice job here. His process began with a pencil drawing. He then painted his watercolour washes in just a few values.  He used the cool red of the apples in the background (the apples obviously didn’t appeal to him otherwise) and even snuck some of the red into the objects. The pen came last. Note that the pen appears in every area of the drawing.

Aleda O'Connor

Aleda O’Connor is best known for her landscapes in oil pastel on wood panels. A while back, she found the panels a bit too cumbersome to take on a trip and substituted drawing materials. This drawing is done with pen and white charcoal pencil on a toned pastel paper.

Aleda feels that she has been struggling a bit this term. Who doesn’t from time to time? Still, I like the openness of her cross-hatching style. It allows the toned paper to act as a middle tone. Sometimes, I think she uses too much white but that’s not the case in this image.

The artists used pigment liner or pigment ink drawing pens. The ink is waterproof, the pens are disposable and they come in different colours and nib sizes. Great pocket pens! Every art supply store carries them and they are made by Pilot, Staedtler, Micron and other manufacturers.


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2 Responses to “Tuesday Class – Pen and Ink!”

  1. Studio MME Says:

    It’s nice to see some many other people enjoying pen and ink. It’s my media of choice for almost all of my illustration work.

    • Barry Coombs Says:

      I looked at your work and love your cross-hatching. Are you familiar with the etchings of Giorgio Morandi? I tried to comment on your blog but it didn’t like me.

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