Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Nine

This is almost the entire still-life for our classes yesterday. I forgot to photograph it before allowing the evening students to have an apple so several are missing.

We’ve been trying to work a bit more quickly and spontaneously for the past few weeks. Here’s another quick and messy demonstration. My goal is to communicate concepts and a sound process. I continue to stress simplification. Also, we discussed artistic license. Sometimes, I study the still-life then close my eyes and try to imagine the painting before I begin to work.

Apple study

At first glance, the metal objects seemed to be the more challenging painting problem. However, they engaged the student’s interest and were handled very well. It was the everyday apples that caused a few problems. Most of the students neglected to do a few quick studies of apples on a separate sheet before trying them in their sustained painting. In a three-hour class, it might seem as if there is no time for a few studies but they invariably help. The time is usually made up anyway as the apples in the painting are more confidently (and quickly) executed and less fussing may be necessary.

My evening demo, in two steps, is above. I took more time than I did in the morning and worked on it while the group painted. I introduced a red/green complementary theme although I like the reds and greys of the morning piece. I also made a few changes to the composition. Each piece has it’s own feeling. You can do the ‘compare and contrast’.

A funny thing happened in the evening class. A pen and ink revolution broke out. More on that in a day or two.


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One Response to “Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Nine”

  1. Linda Halcomb Says:

    The evening demo is probably more vibrant but I like the morning demo. Those are some of my favorite colors.
    You are right about the value of studies. I have a desire to jump right in and it is very hard to fight. I am trying to more thoughtful when I paint so I will get better paintings.
    I love the discussion of your classes. Can’t wait to hear about the pen and ink revolt!

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